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I am the Walrus
Current Residence: Right behind you.... SIKE!
Favourite genre of music: Pssh almost all, except maybe, pop and country?
Favourite photographer: My phamblies.
MP3 player of choice: My iPod nano named Shin-chaaaan! <33 RIP Usagi... T_T
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: I perfer paint
Skin of choice: Human... yummy.
Favourite cartoon character: Shinichi from NANA The Joker from Batman, and L from Death Note!!
Personal Quote: Roses are red, voilets are swell, I really despise you, so go falll down a well. <3
[x] Smoked.
[x] Consumed alcohol.
[x] Slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex.(accident, fell asleep watching a movie)
[x] Slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex.(sister)
[x] Kissed someone of the same sex. (family DUH)
[] Had sex.
[x] Had someone in your room other than family.
[] Watched porn
[] Bought porn.
[x] Tried drugs.


[x] Taken painkillers.
[x] Taken someone else's prescription medicine.
[x] Lied to your parents.
[x] Lied to a friend. (sometimes it's better to tell a white lie, than to deliver a harsh truth)
[] Snuck out of the house.
[x] Done something illegal.
[x] Felt hurt.
[x] Hurt someone.
[] Wished someone to die.
[] Seen someone die.


[] Missed curfew.
[x] Stayed out all night.
[] Eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself.
[] Been to a therapist.
[ ] Received a ticket.
[ ] Been to rehab.
[x] Dyed your hair.
[x] Been in an accident.
[] Been to a club.
[x] Been to a bar


[x] Been to a wild party.
[] Been to a Mardi Gras parade.
[] Drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night.
[x] Had a spring break in Florida. (I live here...)
[ ] Sniffed anything. (only Scratch n Sniff <3)
[x] Wore black nail polish.
[x] Wore arm bands.
[x] Wore t-shirts with band names.
[] Listened to rap.
[ ] Owned a 50 Cent CD.


[] Dressed gothic.
[] Dressed girly.
[] Dressed punk.
[] Dressed grunge.
[x] Stole something.
[ ] Been too drunk to remember anything.
[] Blacked out.
[] Fainted.
[] Had a crush on a neighbor.


[x] Had a crush on a friend.
[x] Been to a concert.
[] Dry-humped someone.
[x] Been called a slut.
[] Called someone a slut.
[] Installed speakers in your car.
[x] Broken a mirror.
[x] Showered at someone of the opposites sex's house
[] Brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush.


[ ] Considered Ludacris your favorite rapper.
[x] Seen an R-rated movie in theater.
[x] Cruised the mall.
[] Skipped school.
[x]Had surgery.
[x] Had an injury.
[ ] Gone to court.
[] Walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping.
[x] Caught something on fire.
[] Lied about your age.


[] owned/rented an apartment/house.
[] Broke the law in the police's presence.
[] Madeout with someone who had a GF/BF.
[x] Got in trouble with the police.
[x] Talked to a stranger.
[x] Hugged a stranger.
[] Kissed a stranger.
[] Rode in the car with a stranger
[x] Been harassed.
[x] Been verbally harassed. same as above


[] Met face-to-face with someone you met online.
[x] Stayed online for five hours straight.
[x] Talked on the phone for more than four hours straight.
[] Watched TV for five hours straight.
[x] Been to a fair.
[x] Been called a bad influence.
[ ] Drank and drove.
[x] Prank-called someone.
[x] Laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex.
[x] Cheated on a test.


If You Have Less Than 10.. write [I'm a goody-goody.]
If You Have More Than 10.. write [I'm still a goody-goody.]
If You Have more Than 20.. write [I'm average.]
If You Have More Than 30.. write [I'm a bad kid.]
If You have more than 40.. write [I'm a very bad influence.]
If You Have more than 50.. write [I'm a horrible person.]
If You Have more than 60.. write [I should be in jail.]
If You Have more than 70.. write [I should be dead.]
  • Listening to: Tom Dooley- The Kingston Trio
  • Reading: Ship of Fools
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Mind games
  • Eating: Strawberries
  • Drinking: Green Tea flavored Ginger Ale

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ElBurnso Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009
Why hello there random friend of Lizzah's


Why thank you.
My balls took much time to prepare so they could look so fabulous.
xOkamixKerux Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2009
WAH I be so jealous of teh fuzzeh green goodness of them...

You must be very talented with teh art'ing of balls >w<
ElBurnso Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2009
O very much so ;)
So which ones of Liz's friends might you be little girl?
xOkamixKerux Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2009
Teh one wif teh SPARKHEL WINGS
(1 Reply)
Zitronenradio Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the :+fav:

xOkamixKerux Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2008
You're very much welcome :D

My friend's goinjg to cosplay as this and she showed me the picture. It's totally rad XD
Zitronenradio Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Cool, now I want to see how your friend looks in this costume : D
xOkamixKerux Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2008
Whee I'll be sure to take pixshurs :D
(1 Reply)
DiamondRaider Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2008   Writer
Thank you for el faveo mi amiga.
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